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Explore the World

  • 1999

Explore the world is a trivia style board game that will intrigue players as they plod along the board learning all kinds of facts about the world. It includes three different unique decks of questions that match the game spinner: Flag Cards, Travel Cards and Explore Cards.


The Explore Cards ask man-made and natural world questions about interesting places around the world. 

An example of a man-made fact would be, "What country in Asia is home to the Forbidden City, the largest cluster of ancient wooden buildings in the world: China, Iraq, or Mongolia? Answer: China. Built in the early 1400's during the Ming Dynasty, the Forbidden City is located in the center of the city of Beijing. It is a popular destination for tourists."

An example of a natural world questions would be, "True or False: Europe is the only continent without a desert? Answer: False. There are deserts on every continent! While there are no large deserts in Europe, it is home to many small deserts-including the Oleshky Sands in Ukraine.


The Flag Cards feature a full colored flag on the card and asks three questions about that country. Almost always the first question is associated with identifying the flag, but the question will often give a mild hint or multiple choice countries.

An example flag card question would be, "The flag of what Spanish-speaking country is pictured on this card: Chilie, Mexico, or Peru? Answer: Peru." and "What ancient village in the mountains of peru is known as the "Lost City of the Incas"?" Answer: Machu Picchu "True or false: many scientists believe there are still native tribes in the jungles of Peru that have never been observed by the outside world. Answer: True."

The Travel Cards, will help players travel forward or backwards on their journey! You simple read the card aloud and follow what it says! Example: "There are 8 countries that start with he letter "I". How many can you name in 1 minute? Move forward 1 space for each country you can name! Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy


"You travel to Italy to visit the Leaning Tower of Pixa. The tower took 199 years to complete-and it was never supposed to lean! You have 1 minute to balance any 8 items you can find on top of each other. if you succeed, move forward 2 spaces!"


Ages 7 to Adult
2-6 Players or Teams
5 Minutes to Learn
20-40 Minutes to Play
6 adorable playing pieces (elephant, toucan, koala, eagle, camel, and an orangutan.
3 Card decks (110 explore cards, 60 flag cards, 50 travel cards)
Game Board with spinner
Game Instructions Printed on box's interior.

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