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Epic Beard Game

  • 1999

The EPIC BEARD Game™ appeals to adults and older kids who have a proclivity toward beards and mustaches! Epic Beard is wild and woolly fun with cards, chips, beards and bluffs! It reminds our family of the old game I Doubt It, which players work to rid themselves of all their cards first by playing them face down in the ever grown pile in the middle of the table. You must announce the contents of the cards you played, and hope, if you were lying about it, that no-one calls your bluff.

The EPIC BEARD Game™ is a classic card game with a shot of bald-faced bluffing and a twist of hirsute humor!

The object is to empty your hand of all cards using deceptive ploys and tactics. So go all-in for the win with your most epic strategy while avoiding “Beardless Harry”!

Ages 8+ 
3-8 Players
10 Minutes to Learn
45- 90 Minutes to Play

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