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Dream Home: 156 Sunny Street

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Dream Home: 156 Sunny Street is actually a series of modules that can be incorporated into the base game either all together, or just using the bits you like. There are 3 different areas where 156 Sunny Street expands the gameplay.

The biggest change is that the expansion adds support for 5-6 players. 48 new cards are added (split between resource and room cards) along with the necessary player and main boards. For those looking to play with more players, this is a welcome change. The new cards aren’t simply rehashes of cards from the base game, but many change things up and offer unique rooms (more on this in a bit).

The next module is the Construction Plans. Twelve in total, these plans give players a goal to work towards at the start of the game. Each player gets a 3 point and a 5 point plan, with the player scoring the higher of the two they manage to complete. The 3 point cards are fairly simple: Have a 3 card room on a floor or have the same number of bathrooms and playrooms. The 5 point cards are more likely to alter your decision making during the game.

Finally, the last module are the Friend Cards. Each player can score up to two friend cards during the game. These are obtained (from a communal pool) by having the required rooms on a floor. For example, one card might require you to have a playroom, kitchen and living on a floor. If you do, you score 3 bonus points.

***Dream Home: 156 Sunny Street is a game expansion. You must have the base game of Dream Home to use this expansion.

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