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Dragon Race

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The Great Dragon Race takes racing to the next level!  It's the first day of the INTERNATIONAL DRAGON CHAMPIONSHIPS in The Land of Floating Isles.  The first event is the prestigious, but perilous obstacle course known as The Great Dragon Race.  Contestants must watch for ballista bolts and flaming balls while outwitting and outflying their opponents.  To the victor goes the treasure - and even more priceless - a place in dragon-racing history!  

Everyone will enjoy choosing a dragon rider and pretending to be one of the skilled team members from Harley & Rose, Ginger & Fuego, Asuka & Qing and Indigo & Queza. There are story cards included so you can learn about the background of each dragon and its rider. Dragon Race has amazing, colourful, bold and original art work by artist Chris Seaman.

Ages 8+
2-4 Players
10 Minutes to Learn
25-45 Minutes to Play

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