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Dodge Dice

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Dodge Dice is a great game for learning about the principles of probability and risk. Not only are the dice arranged in such a fashion that there’s a smaller probability of collecting higher points, but the game has been crafted so that the probability of collecting points escalates as a round continues. Keep this in mind as you weigh how to spend your Skip Chips. Of course, as with any dice game there’s a certain element of luck involved. Some games you’ll play your chances right, others you may not be so lucky. In either case, we’re hoping that there’s a high probability that you’ll want to play again!

We classify this game as a party game heavily dependent upon luck. These types of games are great for a group with lots of energy and "hoop-la" looking to just laugh and be social. We also see it useful to pull in a variety of ages at family gatherings. From grandma to preschoolers, everyone can have a seat at the game table.

Ages 8 to Adult
2-6 players
4 minutes to learn
15 minutes per game

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