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Dinosaur Escape

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Dinosaur Escape is a cooperative game where all the players work together to get three dinosaurs to safety before the volcano is built and "explodes". Each player rolls the dice on his or her turn. If they roll a number, they choose any of the dinosaurs to move that number of spaces. If they roll a volcano, they build one of the five sections of the volcano. When a dinosaur walks into a habitat, that player gets to look under a token on the board to see if he/she can find a picture of any of the dinosaurs that are being saved. When a dinosaur tile is matched to one of the dinosaurs, the dino is moved to the "safe" island. The goal is for all the dinos to make it to the safe island before the volcano is fully built. It takes memory, some strategy and cooperation, and a little luck to be successful. 


Dinosaur Escape allows kids to work together and have fun. It can be difficult to win, if players continue to forget which tokens have dinosaurs on them and which have jungle debris or that nasty T-Rex that keeps scaring the dinos into the desert. This is one of our very favorite preschool games!

Ages 4+

2-4 Players

5 Minutes to Learn

10-15 Minutes to Play


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