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Dicecapades Number Ninjas

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Complete all four Ninja Challenges to earn the quest items needed to unlock the Golden Dragon. It won’t be easy, as the Ninja Challenges will challenge your Ninja mind and the other Ninjas will be setting traps along the way. Remove the traps and race to the Golden Dragon to win!

With this game each player can play with addition and subtraction or addition, subtraction and multiplication! Therefore you can have players at different levels of ability playing at the same time!!

Ages 7+
2-4 Players
5 Minutes to Learn
30 Minutes to Play

What is in the box?
3 Ninja Recruit dice,
3 ninja master dice,
game board,
4 ninja pawns,
12 quest items,
3 traps,
the Golden Dragon,
80 ninja challenge cards,
and EASY to follow rules!

Awards: Creative Child Magazine's Preferred Choice Award 2010, Able Play Award

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