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Word-A-Round - Why-Games


  • 1699

Who knew that positioning a word in one continuous ring would make it so tricky to read? The challenge in WordARound is to quickly figure out where the word starts and to read it aloud before your opponents. The game seems so simple, but you’ll find yourself baffled as you race to spot and call out words!

I love games that come in interesting packaging. The retro record-looking box seems to be attractive to older kids.

Instantly, WordARound has become a family favorite; however, we find that after playing it several times, you become familiar with the words and they are easier to figure out. This makes it challenging to introduce new people to the game, because they are at an instant disadvantage. However, after they have played it 6-10 times the playing ground becomes more level. With there being 300 words in the different rings the game stays interesting. Players become lightening fast at decoding the words and must develop new strategies. Instead the game becoming ho-hum like many games do after they are mastered, WordARound can remain a challenge among familiar rivals.

Ages 10 and Up (I believe younger could play as long as players have similar reading and vocabulary skills)
2 or More Players
3 Minutes to Learn
15 Minutes to Play


Teaches: Concentration Visual Tracking Rapid Reading Alternate Thinking Problem Solving

Includes: 100 WordARound Cards with 300 Words Game Instructions





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