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Swish Jr.

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Swish is a spatial card game that challenges you to be the first to make matches, or “Swishes.” Swishes are made by layering as few as two or as many as 12 cards so that every shape fits into its outline of the same color. The cards must be placed on top of each other in the same orientation, and no ball or hoop can be left unmatched. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.

Various levels of play make this card game addictively fun for all! The wildly popular Swish™ game is now available for younger players! Players race to find “Swishes,” two or more cards layered so every shape fits into its matching outline. Mentally flip, rotate, and stack the transparent cards to make as many Swishes as you can. A fun game of visual perception the whole family will enjoy!

Ages 5+
Single or Multi-Player
5 Minutes to Learn
15-30 Minutes to Play

Includes: 60 clear SWISH! Cards Game-Go Bag Instructions

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