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Mystery Rummy Case No. 1 Jack the Ripper

  • 1899

PLEASE NOTE: Jack the Ripper is not one of typical games Why-Games offers. I contains disturbing subject matter that is not family friendly. We do not intend to restock this game after selling our last copy. This game was delivered to us by mistake and we never intended to offer this game genre!!


This game attaches an interesting theme to a fairly standard Rummy framework. Playing Victims, Suspects, Scenes, and Evidence-melds, players try to build a case against various suspects for the famous Jack the Ripper serial murders. Whichever suit has the most cards played in it when a player goes out is the guilty party, but if all the Victim cards come out before the end of the game, the Ripper might escape, giving the player who produced that card a significant point allowance.

This is #1 in the Mystery Rummy Series. We also offer Al Capone.

Ages 10+
2-4 Players
10 Minutes to Learn
20 Minutes to Play

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