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Walk Like a Chicken - Why-Games

Walk Like a Chicken

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Choose a person to HIDE 8, 16 or 24 of the brightly colored and playfully illustrated object cards face down somewhere in the playing area. That person will also need to serve as the referee! You can adjust the difficulty level of the game by hiding the large circular cards in more obscure places, or by making them more visible.
Set all your little contestants on the sofa or in a circle on the floor and then the referee calls out the object that is to be sought. The items are things like a robot, a chicken, or a kangaroo. On your mark get set go! Each player is to begin acting like the object they are looking for! Players must keep up the act the whole time they are seeking or they will be asked to get back on the sofa and wait for the next round. The player how finds the object first scores a point and it is on to round two. Players should use their memory to remember where the cards are so you can fly like a superhero to that card when it comes up in the round!  A great kids game for exercising the body and the mind! 

A perfect preschool classroom game!! Walk Like a Chicken targets these important skills: physical development, creativity, imagination, memory, role playing and social skills.

Ages 3 and up
2 or more Players
2 Minutes to Learn
15-20 Minutes to Play

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