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Verbal Volley

Verbal Volley

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Verbal Volley is frantic fun for the whole family that will help strengthen your vocabulary. The goal of the game is to score points by winning WORD cards and avoid losing points by getting rid of the Brain Freeze card. In Speed Rounds, Word cards are flipped over one at a time. If you are the first to call out a synonym or antonym, you win the word card and increase your score. On Brain Freeze Rounds, a single card is flipped over and verbal hot potato begins. Name a synonym or antonym in order to pass the card to the next player. If you can't think of a new synonym or antonym, you loose points.

Verbal Volley is a great word game that's just as much fun in the school room as it is at family game night.

Ages 8+
2+ Players
5 Minutes to Learn
10-15 Minutes to Play

Contains 216 Words with four levels.

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