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HOOYAH! Navy Seals Card Game

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Hooyah is a cooperative game for those who find the Navy Seals to be intriguing You’re team is on a mission to confront terrorists and insurgents. You work as a dedicated team. Careful planning and precise timing improve your odds of success, but unforeseen events could jeopardize the mission.

HOOYAH is a card game in which 1 to 4 players assume the roles of Navy SEALS trying to complete a real-life inspired Special Ops mission. You either win or lose as a group. To meet the rigorous requirements of the mission, you must collect all the Skills & Equipment Cards required for each Op. All phases of the mission must be completed without the loss of a single life and before time runs out. Leave no man behind!

Includes special instructions for Solitaire version.

HOOYAH Components: 
• 10 Navy SEAL Cards
• 75 Ops/Events Cards
• 1 Insertion Card
• 75 Skills & Equipment Cards
• 5 Mission Cards and Holder
• Time Counter Device
• 30 Health Tokens
• Turn Sequence Card
• HOOYAH Instruction Manual

Click here to see Hooyah FAQ!

Ages 10-Adult
1-4 Players
30 Minutes to Learn
45- 60 Minutes per Game

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