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Snake Oil

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In the Old West, sly snake oil salesmen had the special talent of getting even the most skeptical customer to buy the most dubious product. In Snake Oil, that’s exactly what the players get to try! One player draws a card and becomes the Customer while the other players each select two Words Cards from their hands to create a unique product to pitch to the Customer. Laughter erupts as each player attempts to persuade the Customer that their item is the best!! The Customer picks their favorite item and that player is awarded the Customer Card. The player with the most Customer Cards wins!

Our family has such a good time with this game. It is fun to practice persuasive speeches of such an absurd nature. If your looking for the educational value to Snake Oil, it is easy to see that it gives a great opportunity to practice social and verbal skills. It also exposes people to new ways of thinking about things (flexible thinking), and exposure to a variety of vocabulary. 

Note: Some cards include potentially offensive content. Examples are "Witch", "Hormones", "Zombies". These cards can be easily removed from the game without much effect on the game.

Ages 10 to Adult

3-10 Players

5 Minutes to learn

20-30 minutes per game

Awards: Major Fun Keeper Mensa Select Dr. Toy Winner 2013 Traditional Games 100 Quotes taken from the Out Of The Box Website: “I think Snake Oil should be a required class in all schools! So many benefits… too many to name.” Marbles the Brain Store Brain Coach “We enjoyed Snake Oil, and laughed a lot. You might say it’s a humor elixir!” Game Theory “Retailers will have no problem selling [Snake Oil] to any fun-loving customer” Games Magazine

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