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Sci or Fi Files

  • 1999

Test your knowledge of science truths with this set of 480 strange science statements! 

How to Play:

1. Take turns reading 3 science statements.

2. Everyone guesses which one is true or which one is false.

3. Turn the card over to find our-along with an explanation about each true or false fact to read aloud.

4. Collect one score chip from each category to win.

200 double-sided cards with fun facts and scientific explanations 
32 score chips and 
18 answer cards in file-cabinet box. For 2–6 players. Grades 5+ 

Ages 10 up (Grades 5+)
2-6 Players 
2 Minutes to Learn 
20 Minutes per Game

Please Note! In keeping with the Why-Games promise, we strive to provide only games that are family friendly and are not in conflict with Christian beliefs. Sci or Fi does contain many questions support evolution. Our family simply skips these ridiculous questions or I challenge my children to state Biblical facts and/or scientific evidence that prove the question faulty.

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