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  • 1999

Scabs and Guts is a decent introduction to basic knowledge of the human body. Most of the questions are true and false or multiple choice which makes it much more fun for younger children. I would say most of the questions target the mid and upper elementary aged player, because many questions give two ridiculous answers along with the correct answer. A young crowd can really enjoy this stuff!

A word of caution!...The verbiage on the cards freely uses the terms "fart" and "butt" as well as an occasional reference to evolutionary ideas.

More about Scabs N Guts:

This is an exciting "meducational" board game that's packed with interesting and occasionally disgusting medical facts. Players or teams take turns to move around factual body-shaped game board while attempting to correctly answer the multiple choice questions from one of three unique body categories:  Scrapes and Scabs, Blood and Guts, and Blubber or Buff. When a player or team correctly answers one question from each of the three categories, they pick up a random question card and have the chance to win the game if they answer correctly. 

Scrapes and Scabs is a category with questions promoting positive health concepts and cover topics such as hygiene, infections and wounds. They focus mostly on the external body. 

Blood and Guts is a category with questions packed with disgusting facts. They delve into subjects such as our bloodstream and internal organs.

Blubber or Buff is a category with questions all about positive health choices offering insight into muscle building and highlights the danger of inactivity, unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle.

Ages 6+
2-6 Players
5 Minutes to Learn
20-40 Minutes to Play

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