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  COMPLEXITY is a unique educational board game that offers a window into the fascinating machinery of life. Though the subject matter may be challenging, the gameplay is easy and engaging.

Color-coded body systems, mnemonic clues, strategy and chance, physical challenges, and thought-provoking questions all contribute to an unforgettable and fun-filled journey.

Manage your body's machinery in an extraordinary quest for health!

     While winning is a delightful reward, the real prize is a deeper understanding of how your incredible body functions. This is essential considering we receive only one body during our lifetime.  Who knows, this board game may just inspire you to make wiser choices regarding your diet, fitness, and mental health. But regardless of whether you need to quickly memorize the names of your body systems and parts or just need some inspiration, a grand adventure awaits when you embark on the curious health quest called COMPLEXITY.

Ages 12+
2-6 Players
5 Minutes to Learn
30-60 Minutes to Play

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