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Civitas: The Government Card Game

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Civitas is a card game about different forms of government. Pass laws, solidify your leadership, and rule the table in this smart, fast-paced game.

Mix-and-match the 8 included decks to rule in a:

  • Democracy
  • Monarchy
  • Communism
  • Theocracy
  • Plutocracy
  • Military
  • Republic
  • Anarchy


  • Minimal setup/cleanup.
  • Box includes 225 Playing cards, 12 leadership cards, and simple rules.
Ages 10+ 
2-12 Players 
15 Minutes to Learn 
15-60 Minutes to Play

We find this game to be similar to Uno in the game play, but with a twist as different government styles are in charge. It is a great way to introduce the vocabulary and basic concepts of different styles of governing bodies.

A word from the game designer:

When I (Tyler) was teaching high school geography, I was dreading the unit on government. I needed something that would keep the eyes of a dozen high schoolers from glazing over.  It needed to be fun, fast-paced, and hands-on, all while demonstrating important concepts from the lesson plans. Teaching government can be boring, needlessly political, and often goes right over pre-teens’ heads.  This can turn kids off from voting—a far cry from encouraging them to get involved in their own government. Additionally, civics classes are often so American-centric, they venerate the republic while completely skipping over other types of government around the world!

That’s when I started working on Civitas, the government card game.

Since then, the folks who’ve played it can’t stop telling me how much their families love it! Whether they play a 5-minute round or wind up playing for hours at a time, they all say the same thing: “We love this game!”

Of course, as a parent, I’m looking for kids to have more than fun—I want them to learn too. That’s why Civitas uses a rich vocabulary that prompts questions and discussion. (We also have a glossary for each term if you’d care to browse it.) There’s also lesson plans in the works that discuss some of the terms and concepts in more detail.

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