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Chunky Monkey Business

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Chunky Monkey Business™ is the fast-paced, fill-in-the-blank party game where players match wits to figure out the riddle.

One team reads the phrase aloud, that is found on each card, to the other players. For example they hear, "chunky _________in the middle" The player's then do some mental brainstorming to figure out ONE WORD that fits the blank that completes both phrases resulting in one goofy phrase. Both phrases will share the middle word-hence the name of the game: "Chunky Monkey" and  "Monkey in the Middle" come together to make the phrase Chunky Monkey in the Middle. When a player thinks they know the word, then they grab the Chunky Monkey and shout out the guess! 

There’s only one right answer…but many hilarious wrong ones!

Ages 10+ 
2 or More Players
10 Minutes to Learn
45 Minutes to Play


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