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Burst Out Laughing Gas

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Get ready for you and your family to laugh and come together like never before. Burst Out Laughing Gas is a hilarious family board game in which you or your partner grabs a card featuring two common phrases and has to give clues to each while the other has to not only figure out the separate phrases but also put them together to create the combined solution, or combolution. Each combolution solved before the time runs out will earn your team a Speak Your Piece of Cake scoring token, and the first team to get 20 tokens wins!

Burst Out Laughing Gas is a great way to bring families closer by acting silly and having fun together. Teaches: creative thinking, cooperative play, instruction following. 

Ages 10+ 
4 or More Players
10 Minutes to Learn
45- 90 Minutes to Play

Awards: Tiddlywinks Laugh Out Loud Award

Game Includes: 385 cards, timer, 40 Speak Your Piece of Cake scoring tokens, and rules.

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