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Bunny Bedtime

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Bunny Bedtime offers lots of fun interaction with your 2 or 3 year-old while establishing early game playing and turn-taking skills, sequencing, and decision making skills. This game lays out a typical bedtime routine and provides a simple puzzle for each choice being offered.
Your child will enjoy choosing between two bath toys, the large potty or training potty, two different tooth brushes, pajamas, and two books for a nighttime story.

The rules are simple—playtime is short and sweet. There is a guide included that gives parents a very nice "how-to" for using and extending games like Bunny Bedtime to help your child develop early skills and bond more deeply with you. 

This game is part of a collection of simple games that encourage meaningful moments of connection between you and your toddler. Other games in this collection include Monkey Around and Where's Bear?

Ages 2+
A game for you and your toddler
2 Minutes to Learn
10 Minutes to Play


Game Board
5 Puzzle Pieces
1 Color Die
1 Wooden Bunny Piece

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