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Bugs 'n Slugs - Why-Games

Bugs 'n Slugs

  • 1999

Slugs N Bugs is a delightful game. Leap, hop, fly and slither around the game board while learning all kinds interesting things about the insect world. As players travel toward the finish line they will be faced with many physical challenges to complete and questions to test their knowledge, or often times, make their best guess. They may get to act out spinning a web, or have a leaping contest to see who is the most flea-like in their jumping skills. Kids get to be active with their brains and their bodies which can keep even active kids interested in the game. Questions are at approximately at a 3rd grade reading level, so your young adventures can also practice their reading skills in this fun gaming environment. Accommodating a large range of ages and abilities, this game uses multiple choice questioning.

The world is full of insects, some beautiful and some a bit gross! Bugs 'N' Slugs provides kids and adults with a great way to learn all about insects while having a lot of fun. Do mosquitoes actually bite? What's the difference between a moth and a butterfly? Fun things to learn as players slither around the board learning all about things that creep and crawl!

Ages 5+
2-6 Players
5 Minutes to Learn
20-40 Minutes to Play

Sample Questions:
Question: True or false? Ants use a scent trail to find their way back to their colony.
Answer: Strange but true!

Question: What body part do most insects use for their senses (touch, smell, etc.)? A) Feet B) Tongue C) Antennae
Answer: Antennae

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