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Braintopia - Why-Games


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Braintopia puts your mental synapses to the test.  The goal is to recognize patterns, memorize images, solve puzzles or otherwise use your brain faster than the other players.  One card at a time.  It’s basically cerebral Slapjack.

The rules are simple.  Flip over one card from the deck.  Players try to deduce the card’s answer based on its category.  If you think you’ve solved it, slap it with your hand and leave it covered.  The one with the quickest reflexes gets to announce the solution.  Correct answers win the card.  Guess poorly, and you sit out the next round.  Collect two cards to earn a brain token.  Gather four brains to win the game.


Ages 8+
2-6 Players or Teams
10 Minutes to Learn
15 Minutes to Play


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