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Avalanche Fruit Stand

  • 1999

Help your little ones develop hand coordination while laughing and building memories with you. Avalanche Fruit Stand is fun for children because the pieces are so rewarding to handle and they enjoy watching the fruit trickle and slide as items are removed. Thump the spinner and take turns tweezering fruit from the fruit stand as indicated by the color or number that was spun. The little pieces of fruit also provide entertainment to children for sorting and creative play. Toddlers love to place them into rows, talk about them, serve them to you as a meal, and the list goes on... The jumbo tweezers are designed to help prepare your children for handwriting and improve fine motor skills.


The avalanche box is not sturdy enough to withstand a lot of rough treatment! This can be a perfect opportunity to teach young ones about treating games with care.

Ages 3+
2-4 Players
2 Minutes to Learn
7-15 Minutes for a Game (Often Quicker)

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