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Acuity - Why-Games


  • 1999

Acuity is played in rounds and is a Real-Time game (everyone plays at the same time). A typical game will consist of 34 rounds. Don’t let the high number of rounds frighten you off; this is a very fast game. Each round consists of matching 1 Acuity tile from the stack to the Acuity tiles in the grid. A typical round is summarized here.

Step 1: Reveal Acuity Tile

Any player can start the round. Simply draw and reveal the top-most Acuity tile from the stack and place it down so that all the players can see it.

Step 2: Make a Match

All the players now attempt to match the revealed Acuity tile pattern to one or more Acuity tiles in the grid. A player can make a match as follows.


6 to Adult
2 Or more Players
5 Minutes to Learn
15-20 Minutes to Play

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