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77 Ways to Play Tenzi

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77 Ways to Play Tenzi is the expansion pack for the Tenzi basic game. You will need to acquire the Tenzi game, or collect together 10 dice of a single color for each player.

This creative deck of cards it a valuable addition to the Tenzi game. Our family never plays just the base game anymore after playing with this expansion pack!

Each card introduces a new goal for each Tenzi round. For example, "Quote a line from a movie after each roll" or "Roll a Tenzi, then immediately roll another Tenzi with the number on the opposite side of the dice." or "Use your non-dominate hand to roll your Tenzi."

Not all the challenges in the card deck are a race. Younger kids really enjoy these types of cards. An example would be, "Everyone rolls ten dice. Any 6's that are rolled get put into the center. Repeat again and again together as a group. First player with no dice wins!"

Ages 6+

3 Minutes to Learn
15 Minutes to Play

77 Cards with New Tenzi Challenges
Easy-to-follow rules

***Please note! This is an expansion pack. The dice from the base game of Tenzi are NOT included.

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