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About Us


Why-Games? Educating the Fun Way!

My name is Tiffany Pickard and I live in the lovely town of McKinney in the great state of Texas. I have always had what most people would describe as an obsession with games. As my husband and I began having children, I could not wait for them to grow old enough to play games with me. I was tossing dice their way from birth it seemed. 
Today as a wife, a homeschool mother of four, and speech pathologist on the side, games are a huge part of our lives. Why-Games? was born out of an entrepreneurial endeavor for myself and our children back in 2012. We are excited about the idea of all the hands-on schooling involved in setting up and running a business, coupled it with what bonds our family...Games. Each of our children add their God given talent to this business. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about us and we hope you will enjoy the games we love.
Here are a few reasons...
  • Games create an appetite for learning.
  • They can build friendships and strengthen relational bonds.
  • Games introduce information in a variety of modalities (tactile, visual, and auditory).
  • They provide a positive and fun environment where quality learning can take place.
  • Games are a powerful and engaging tool for education, socialization, and friendship.

Why Games? We think the more appropriate question is: Why not Games?
We offer a wide selection of educational and strategic games covering key subject matter for all ages! Each game has been carefully selected for its content value, play dynamics and overall fun. We have sought out games that will help you educate your kids and/or bring your classroom or family closer together.
Our hope is that our games will cause students to have so much fun learning that they are inspired to learn on their own. Great games can enhance your classroom, whether homeschool or traditional, so that learning experiences are pleasant and rewarding. Games have an amazing way of bonding students and educators with quality times and memorable laughs. Whether your a teacher, homeschooler, parent or grandparent, we hope to introduce you to a whole world of games that you never knew existed.
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