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Exact Change

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Teach children to count money with a fun game the entire family can enjoy! Exact Change combines an excellent teaching lesson with fun, fast paced action that the entire family will love. The goal is to play all of your cards first. You can discard cards by matching the color of the last card played, by matching the currency value (play a penny on a penny), or by making EXACT CHANGE. Making exact change allows you to discard multiple cards that add up to the value of the last card played. If the last card played shows a quarter, you can make exact change by playing two dimes and a nickel- allowing you to discard three cards in one play! If you’re looking for games about money! Look no further! Exact Change is one of the best games on the market that teaches children to count money! The game play is very similar to Uno...but a little “brainier”.

Awards: Winner of iParenting Media Dr. Toy’s Top 100, Creative Child Magazines Seal of Excellence, and the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval awards! Winner of a 2013 KIDS PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD & a 2013 PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD in the Educational Products & Cards Games for Kids categories!

Ages 5+
2-6 Players
5 Minutes to Learn
10 or Less Minutes for a Round

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