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The markets of the Nile overflow with rich merchandise and valuable goods, but not all of them are ready at any given time. When it comes your turn to claim a prize, will you bide your time and take what you can afford, or will you willingly turn to corruption to snatch the trophy your heart desires? Be careful, for your corruption has consequences – wallow too deeply in the darkness, and you could lose everything! Sobek is the fast-paced card game of trading and corruption in ancient Egypt. Players take turns claiming trade goods as they become available, but will have to choose every turn whether to take the cards that are readily available, or to extend their grasp for the cards they truly want, and in so doing, open themselves to corruption. Playing it safe will leave you destitute, but risking too much will cost you your financial empire!

People who enjoy rummy style games tend to be fans of this beautifully designed game. We had a little trouble understanding what constituted a "round", of which the game is complete after 3 rounds. After realizing that you work your way through the entire little deck for a round it all flowed together nicely and was fun.

Ages 13+
2-4 Players
10 Minutes to Learn
40 Minutes to Play

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