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Rise of Augustus

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Serving the 1st Roman Emperor, Augustus, you will need to mobilize your legions to control provinces of the Empire and its senators to ultimately obtain the title of Consul. The aim of the game is to earn as many points as possible before any players has taken control of seven objectives. Throughout the game play, players must strategize so as to manage the risk of claiming the rewards that are available to them in order to maximize the points gained. Players also have the opportunity to wreak havoc with their opponents by causing them to lose some of their legions or objectives, thus foiling their plans on becoming the next Consul!
If you are a gaming family that has younger kids who are always eager to join in those fancier, more superior looking games, but just cannot because of the game's length or complexity...this game just might be the one that they can join. While Rise of Augustus has a complicated appearance with lots of tokens, cards and boards, the game play is simplistic. More experienced players can enjoy the strategy that this game has to offer, while younger or more casual players can enjoy success as well.

88 objective cards
50 legions (tokens)
2 mobilisation tokens
12 rewards
1 cloth bag
1 score pad and
1 rule book

Ages 8+
2-6 Players
25 Minutes to Learn
30 Minutes to Play

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