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7 Habits of Happy Kids

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This game offers a playful way to introduce, practice, and promote character. Not many games aim at character! 7 Habits gives opportunity to share thoughtful, personal responses, and really listen to each other. It can be a useful tool for connecting with your children that are 9, 10, 11 and 12. I suggest loosing the bunny ears to this game right away for these older ages, so that your kids will engage with this game better! However, younger children adore the ears!!

With the right combination of kids and adults, along with an accepting and fun environment, this game can be a favorite for improving relationships and behavior.

Ages 6 to Adult
3-7 players
2 minutes to learn
20-30 minutes per game

Parent's Choice - Approved Award 2012
2013 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

Game board
7 character pieces
7 token holders
7 sets of tokens
12 Wild Ernie tokens
1 pair of “Ear-Resistable” Jumper Rabbit ears

How to Play:
1. Players choose their playing pieces – characters are from the best-selling 7 Habits of Happy Kids books!
2. Take turns reading cards, responding, and moving around the board to collect tokens for each of the 7 Habits.
3. Play continues until all players have filled their token holders – a true win-win!
Cognitive skills:
Verbal Language
Auditory Processing 

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