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Modern Art the Card Game

  • 1699

This game is played very much like the new Master's Gallery Game but contains modern rather than classic art cards. Some components of luck (which cards you draw) and skill (which cards you choose to play and when) keep the game moving. As the game progresses, some pieces of art become much more valuable but of course more rare.

In Modern Art: The Card Game, the players get to pretend to be art critics, collectors and gallery owners. As it is in art galleries the world over, tastes and opinions change constantly in the world of Modern Art. Today's treasure is tomorrow's trash, and no one has more influence on the artists' values that the players in this game.

Remember those unknown, starving, but up-and-coming artists from the early nineties-Lite Metal, Yoko, Christian P., Karl Glitter and Krypto? Now, almost 20 years later, they have all found fame and fortune in the art world and their masterpieces are displayed in major galleries around the world. But even with their success, the group's artistic rivalry remains as lively as ever. Whose work sell for the most? Which one has the highest standing in the minds of the art-buying public?

Only the most influential collector will come out on top in Modern Art: The Card Game!

5 Artist Masterpiece Cards for reference
95 Painting Cards
12 Value Tokens
5 Award Tokens
1 Rule Booklet

Ages 8+
2-5 Players
15-30 Minutes to Play
10 Minutes to Learn

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