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The Periodyx Game is fun, but the superstars of all these games are the 118 Element Cards. The more you play with the Periodyx Game cards; the more you'll know about the Elements, the more you know, the more you'll appreciate and enjoy them. 

Some Elements are toxic, radioactive, and scary, like Plutonium, and others are fun and friendly like Oxygen. Each element has its own card that includes a colorful and visually descriptive illustration of the element, with its interesting facts and amazing stats; plus, the all important phonetic pronunciation of the element's name, and location of element within the classic Periodic table. All the information is creatively used to play the Periodic Game.

The game play is as easy as the old style war card game and is played in 11 dynamic rounds designed to acquaint the players with a different aspect of the elements such as boiling point, atomic weight, and so forth.

Ages 6+
3+ Players
5 Minutes to Learn
10-20 Minutes to Play

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