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Jump Ship

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Jump Ship is a card based strategy game where you are the captain of your ship the Black Bounty. You can play this game by yourself or with friends. The story begins with you thinking it is about time to cash in your treasure and retire. This is your last adventure, three other pirate ships have dropped anchor next to yours in the bay. There is a deck of cards for each of the ships including your own. 
Start the game by choosing a card from your Black Bounty ship deck, reading it to hear the beginning of your adventure, and choosing from the two options offered on the bottom of your card. During the game you will be busy protecting your treasures, boarding the other ships, fighting off looters, falling overboard, and taking all the gold you can find. Eventually, you wind up on Mermaid Beach, accidentally or intentionally! Then, you count your gold and find out how good of a captain your really are!

Jump Ship has a similar game play as Stowaway 52. Both give your kids lots of practice reading, making decisions, and sharpening strategic planning. Our family feels Jump Ship is significantly easier than Stowaway 52, however, we like the fact that you still get to work hard to chase down the gold and score at the end! Both are addictive and are not your typical card game.

Ages 8+
1-4 Players or Teams
5 Minutes to Learn
15 Minutes per Game

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