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What are computer games and TV doing to your family life?

Posted by Tiffany Pickard on

With the arrival of a new year, I always seem to find myself analyzing our home life. This year my husband and I felt like we had been letting our kids watch too much TV and play too many computer games. Over the holidays things get busy and I will often allow too much computer gaming!

In order to get back on track, we decided as a family that the TV and computers would be turned off for 7 days. They could be used only for business, email, and school assignments. No gaming on phones or computers.  We have two teenagers and two younger elementary-aged children, so this was going to be quite an adjustment for a few of them. However, by day three, I noticed that my house was messy with toys. Craft supplies and projects were collecting on the coffee table. I could hear chatter and giggling in the occupied parts of the house.

There was a warm and friendly attitude growing. My nine year old was not whining or angry  like he was through the holidays when he was gaming every chance he could. During our week of no TV/computer we had several game nights and indulged in fits of laughter. Our family meeting at the end of the week concluded with a list of TV and computer rules posted on the fridge. We all decided to only do 45 minutes of computer on Wednesdays, one and one-half hours on Friday, and one family movie per week if it fit in the schedule. So far, so good! I love having my family back.



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