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Behind the Scenes at the THSC Arlington Convention

Posted by Tiffany Pickard on

A behind the scenes story at the Arlington Convention!

Keelie, my faithful 11-year-old cashier, brought her pillow, favorite blanket, a beloved stuffed animal (a lama named Lumina), and a backpack full of "great stuff to do". These items were very carefully packed early that morning to ease the passing of the long 9 hour day of selling games at the conference that lie ahead. Just as the morning began, Keelie brought me over to our large green/orange table that is completely loaded with tons of games. She lifted up the skirt of the table. Under the table was an elaborate "hideout" that she had meticulously created with her stuff. (So wish I had taken a picture of it! It was adorable!! )

Her great plans to recline under the table on her pillow and blanket, hugging lumina and playing with her stuff while people shopped all around her unknowingly, caused me some concern. Right or wrong, I decided to allow her to use her place of respite as long as she promised to not scare anyone as she entered and exited. All went well, because she enjoyed cashiering and shopping the conference so much that she did not hardly go under the table!


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